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TOTS 3-4yrs                        RED 5-8 yrs                          ORANGE 8-10yrs                              GREEN 10-11yrs                  YELLOW (Jrs) 11yrs +

All sessions will be split into PLAY (players who are at a beginner level) and TRAIN (more advanced players who may play more than one session a week). Coaches will always advise which group is best for your child.  We suggest that children who want to progress at a faster rate should consider a second session and/or match play.

TOTS     This session is for parents and their children to learn together.

The age ranges are a guideline only. These guidelines do not fit precisely with the LTA ratings guide.  If any player wishes to compete then please talk to the coaches about the requirements and how to get a rating.

Term Starts Saturday 6th January – Ends Wednesday 28th March 2018
Sessions will not be running during half term 12th February – 18th February 2018

   MemberNon MemberSecond Session Price
Member/Non Member
Third Session Price
Member/Non Member
RedWednesday4:15-5pm£77£110£62/ £95£54/ £87
Saturday9:15-10am£77£110£62/ £95£54/ £87
OrangeMonday4-5pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
Monday Match play5-6pm£66£99NANA
Wednesday5-6pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
Saturday11-12pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
GreenTuesday5-6pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
Thursday Match play4:30-6pm£88£121NANA
Saturday12-1pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
JuniorsMonday Match play6-8pm£110£143NANA
Tuesday Beginners5-6 pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
Wednesday Intermediate6-7 pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
Thursday Improvers6-7 pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95
Saturday Intermediate1-2 pm£88£121£71/ £104£62/ £95

If you are unsure what group you should book, please contact Melanie on 07803 159308 or email [email protected]

Monday Orange match play is a coached session with an ongoing leader board.

Monday junior match play is an ongoing leader board for the term and the session is supervised.

Sibling discounts available.